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Pizza is a culinary delight from Italy, featuring a round base of bread dough that is artfully topped with a blend of olive oil, oregano, tomatoes, olives, mozzarella or various other cheeses, among numerous additional toppings. This creation is then rapidly baked to perfection.

This dish is definitely among a student’s best friends. It is always there even when a student has a reason to be joyful, or sad. Be it an A grade for a difficult test, self-treat, a terrible hangover, or a broken heart, pizza is always there for a student. And it always brings joy (and also calories) for them.

And a practical creation, indeed. Pizza is basically a real-time pie chart of how much pizza is left.

Pizza restaurants or pizza parlours are fine places reflecting Italian vibes, where students can have amazing pizzas. And literally a slice of Italy, be it from Rome or Naples.

We introduce the top 13 pizza restaurants in Budapest that are student budget-friendly and will definitely elevate the Erasmus experience of students in Budapest!

Top 13 pizza restaurants in Budapest for students

The top 13 pizza restaurants in Budapest for students are the following.

  • Pizza Me
  • Pizzica
  • Pizza Manufaktúra
  • Manu+
  • Donna Mamma Pizza Napoletana
  • Trattoria Venezia
  • Amore di Napoli
  • Belli di Mamma
  • Digó Lizsé I Városliget I PIZZA BEER COFFEE
  • Moto Pizza
  • Little Italy pizzéria & söröző
  • Pizza Forte
  • Don Corleone Pizzéria és Étterem

Pizza Me

Also known as the up-tier local pizza. Pizza Me is a very popular franchise in Budapest with many locations all around the city. Pizza Me is a favourite among students for its quick service and amazing crusty pizzas. You can choose from pizzas with a variety of fresh toppings, catering to all dietary preferences.

The best is that if you eat at a Pizza Me joint, you can pour extra virgin chilli olive oil on your slice for free which brings out the flavours of your pizza. Its excellent price-to-value makes it a cheap place for students to eat at in Budapest. Whether you’re grabbing a bite between classes or as late-night munchies after a party.

  • Address: N/A, depends on the actual venue
  • Opening hours: N/A, depends on the actual venue. But we recommend you to order instead.;)
  • Price range: $
  • Current Google ratings (04.2024): N/A, depends on the actual venue


Pizzica, led by the de Bartolomeo brothers, stands out with its authentic pizza al taglio, the Roman rectangular-shaped slices that are cut with a scissor. The de Bartolomeo brothers are native Italian guys from Southern Italy, thus ensuring genuine Italian vibes in Pizzica. Students flock here to enjoy the thin, crispy crusts and rich, flavourful toppings.

Slices go for about 2 EUR / 2.2 USD and you’re good with 2-3 slices. Even overly hungry students.

Perfect for a casual date, a group dinner, or for afternoon munchies, Pizzica offers a genuine taste of Naples at student-friendly prices.

  • Address: Nagymező utca 21, 1065 Budapest
  • Opening hours: 11 am-11 pm, open until 12 am on Fridays and Saturdays, closed on Sundays.
  • Price range: $
  • Current Google ratings (04.2024): 4.7/5

Pizza Manufaktúra

Located in a bustling student area, Pizza Manufaktúra is renowned for its hearty, handcrafted Neapolitan pizzas and relaxed, industrial chic setting. It’s a go-to spot for students looking for quality, comfort food at great prices. With generous toppings and a variety of options, including vegan and vegetarian, it’s a perfect place to unwind after a long day of studies.

Pizzas are made freshly right in front of you, but you won’t have to wait too long. The pizzas are so slim they become eat-ready in a couple of minutes.

  • Address 1: Erkel utca 4, 1092 Budapest
  • Address 2: Víg utca 28, 1084 Budapest
  • Opening hours: 11 am-9 pm at both venues, closed on Mondays
  • Price range: $
  • Current Google ratings (04.2024): 4.7/5 and 4.8/5, respectively.


Manu+ is celebrated for its innovative approach to pizza, blending traditional techniques with modern flavours in a Neapolitan style pizza. This trendy spot is a hit with students for its stylish decor and Instagram-worthy dishes. Beyond pizza, their menu offers a range of creative appetisers and drinks, making it a popular choice for social gatherings and casual hangouts.

  • Address: Vámház körút 8, 1053 Budapest
  • Opening hours: 11 am-10 pm with a 2-hour pause every day between 3 pm-5 pm. During this pause, the place is closed.
  • Price range: $
  • Current Google ratings (04.2024): 4.8/5

Donna Mamma Pizza Napoletana

Donna Mamma offers a warm, familial atmosphere alongside a menu of classic Italian pizzas made with love and care. This quaint restaurant is a favourite among students for its homely vibe and mouth-watering Neapolitan pizzas, baked to perfection. With its reasonable prices and friendly staff, Donna Mamma feels like a home away from home.

This place is the “pizza project” of the owners of the popular Zing Burger franchise in Budapest. Donna Mamma is located right in the heart of Astoria, one of the busiest central spots of Budapest.

  • Address: Rákóczi út 1-3, 1088 Budapest
  • Opening hours: 11 am-10:30 pm every day.
  • Price range: $
  • Current Google ratings (04.2024): 4.4/5

Trattoria Venezia

Despite the not-so-pretty sight of Corvin Negyed, when someone enters Trattoria Venezia, it feels like travelling to Italy via a door.

Trattoria Venezia brings the charm of Venice to Budapest, offering a selection of traditional pizzas and Italian dishes in a romantic, candlelit setting. Students love the intimate atmosphere and authentic flavours, making it an ideal spot for date nights or celebrating special occasions without breaking the bank.

  • Address: József körút 85, 1085 Budapest
  • Opening hours: 11:30 am-11 pm on weekdays, 12 am-11 pm on weekends.
  • Price range: $$
  • Current Google ratings (04.2024): 4.5/5

Amore di Napoli

Amore di Napoli is beloved by students for bringing the authentic taste of Napoli’s streets to Budapest. Their commitment to traditional pizza-making methods, including a wood-fired oven, ensures each pizza is bursting with flavour. It’s a cosy spot for anyone craving an Italian escape, offering quality pizzas at student-friendly prices.

They say you can choose practically any flavour, you won’t be disappointed. Apart from pizzas students can also enjoy delicious Italian desserts and wines, too.

  • Address: Budafoki út 16, 1111 Budapest
  • Opening hours: vary, opens at 11:30 am (at 12 pm on Sundays), and closes between 8:45 pm-9:45 pm. There is a 2-2.5-hour pause between Mondays-Thursdays.
  • Price range: $$
  • Current Google ratings (04.2024): 4.8/5

Belli di Mamma

Belli di Mamma shines with its focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients and a menu that blends traditional Italian with contemporary tastes. This charming restaurant is a hit with students for its inviting atmosphere and delicious, artisanal pizzas. It’s the perfect place for a leisurely meal that feels both refined and relaxed.

Students can also enjoy amazing Italian desserts, beers, and wines at Belli di Mamma. In addition, its tasteful interior is excellent for Instagram-worthy stories & pictures!

  • Address: Akácfa utca 45, 1072 Budapest
  • Opening hours: 5 pm-12 am, and open between 12 pm-12 am from Fridays to Sundays.
  • Price range: $$
  • Current Google ratings (04.2024): 4.7/5

Digó Lizsé I Városliget I PIZZA BEER COFFEE

Digó Pizzéria is a true gem at the coast of Városliget’s artificial lake, next to Budapest Zoo. The pizzas are baked fresh in a wood-burning Neapolitan oven, where the long-leavened dough is baked in less than 90 seconds at 480 degrees, with the finest toppings from Italy.

This place is proud of the traditional, origin-protected Italian ingredients it uses for baking Neapolitan pizzas. Like the good old San Marzano tomatoes.

Digo is also present outside of Budapest in Balatonakarattya and Szigliget.

  • Address 1: Állatkerti körút 3, 1146 Budapest
  • Address 2: Kazinczy utca 32, 1075 Budapest
  • Opening hours: vary, opens at 5 pm (opens at 1 pm on weekends) and closes at 10-11 pm. Closed on Mondays.
  • Price range: $$$
  • Current Google ratings (04.2024): 4.1/5 and 4.5/5, respectively

Moto Pizza

Moto Pizza offers a unique twist on the classic pizza joint, with a moto-themed decor that adds an edgy vibe to your dining experience. Popular among students for its cool atmosphere and delicious pizzas, it’s a great spot to kick back with friends. The menu is a delightful mix of classic and inventive options, all at prices that students will appreciate.

On both Pest and Buda side of the city.

Apart from their excellent pizzas, students can also try many amazon craft beers at Moto Pizza, too.

  • Address 1: Madách Imre út 8, 1075 Budapest
  • Second Address : József körút 34, 1085 Budapest
  • Third Address: Bartók Béla út 46, 1111 Budapest
  • Opening hours: 11:30 am-10 pm
  • Price range: $$
  • Current Google ratings (04.2024): depends on the actual place, but between 4.2-4.4/5

Little Italy pizzéria & söröző

Located in the ruined, less tidy part of Budapest in the 7th district, Little Italy pizzéria & söröző is a beloved gem among students for its relaxed vibe, extensive pizza selection, and great beer offers. Like an oasis.

It’s the perfect place to unwind after a day of studies or gather for a fun night out. With its friendly service, cosy interior, and affordable prices, Little Italy feels like a slice of Italy right in Budapest.

  • Address: Király utca 103, 1077 Budapest
  • Opening hours: 12-9pm, 12-3 pm on Sundays. There’s a 3-hour pause every day between 3-6 pm. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • Price range: $
  • Current Google ratings (04.2024): 4.8/5

Pizza Forte

What can we say? You gotta love the local “mediocre” pizza franchise! By mediocre we don’t mean that pizza at Pizza Forte is hideous (they make perfectly good pizza), but it is truly “just your average local pizza” in Budapest.

Known for its speedy service and delicious slices, Pizza Forte is a hit among students on the go. With several locations across Budapest, it’s never been easier to grab a quick, satisfying bite. Their affordable prices and convenient, tasty offerings make Pizza Forte a staple in the student diet.

Perfect if you have zero idea what to eat, or just want to order something for a movie night in your student room.

  • Address: N/A, depends on the actual venue
  • Opening hours: N/A, depends on the actual venue. But we recommend you to order instead.;)
  • Price range: $
  • Current Google ratings (04.2024): N/A, depends on the actual venue

Don Corleone Pizzéria és Étterem

Don Corleone serves up a slice of Sicilian life with its rich, flavourful pizzas and mafia-themed decor. This unique restaurant offers a fun and immersive dining experience, complete with a menu that pays homage to classic Italian cuisine. It’s a favourite spot for students looking for a memorable meal with friends.

Don’t be misled by the poor ratings and its exterior. Their pizza is AMAZING and is richly topped!

If you do not fancy eating a pizza, you can also get some genuine Hungarian dishes like chicken paprikash, Gundel crêpe (Gundel palacsinta), or aranygaluska for dessert.

  • Address: Nefelejcs utca 27, 1078 Budapest
  • Opening hours: 10 am-10 pm, but we recommend you order instead.;)
  • Price range: $
  • Current Google ratings (04.2024): 4.0/5

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